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Cantillon brewery

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Introduction: Cantillon Brewery brews lambic beers like kriek, faro, and gueuze in the traditional style. The brewery was founded in 1900 by Paul Cantillon, whose father was a brewer as well, and his wife, Marie Troch.[1] As of 2011, the owner is Jean van Roy, fourth-generation brewer at Cantillon. Since 1900 the only major change has been a shift to organic ingredients in 1999. In the traditional lambic style, beers (from 2/3 malted barley and 1/3 unmalted wheat[1]) are spontaneously fermented in open topped attic mounted vats, aged in oak, blended (from different batches and ages), and bottled, and then refermented for a year. Half of the brewery's production is gueuze; once a year a batch of kriek is made.[3] For fruit-flavored beers, empty oak casks are filled with various fruits and macerated for three months to dissolve the fruits; young lambic is added to supply sugar for fermentation. Cantillon is the only remaining brewery within the city of Brussels.
Contact Information
56 rue Gheude 1070 Brussels

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