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Food and Drink Magazine

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Introduction: Food and Drink is the only magazine with editorial that explains best practices for CEOs, presidents and other leaders in the restaurant chain, food processing, manufacturing and service/distribution businesses.

Food and Drink is all about best practices: in customer focus, in supply chain management, in productivity, in food safety and in marketing. You might operate a successful chain of restaurants, but you need to know how processors are improving their distribution networks. Or, you might manufacture food or beverages, but you need to know how restaurant patrons’ tastes are changing. Food and Drink is the only magazine that can facilitate this sort of “cross-table” conversation.

In each issue, our editors and contributors:

Talk one-on-one with the leaders and top thinkers in the food and beverage industry.
Report on news events that impact the entire food supply chain.
Profile restaurants, companies, facilities and executives that have made strides in best practices.
Report on food trends and R&D.
Look at the industry and implications of information technology on the food industry.
Explore the impacts that health, safety and other legislation is likely to have on our readers.

Food and Drink’s 36,000+ readers are CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, plant managers and other top executives. They have ultimate buying power and purchasing influence at their companies. At the largest food and drink companies with multiple facilities, our readership also includes plant managers and operations managers, who are important decision makers for purchases. At smaller firms – $5 million to $50 million in sales – our magazine goes directly to the top people with buying power, including CEOs and owners. In addition, all readership is in companies that have 100 employees or more at a location.
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